Swedish Bastu

Bastu or Sauna in English is loved by many in Scandinavia. There really is something about these things, you just feel so fresh when you get out of one. I have been swimming at the local indoor pool here for some exercise of late and the bastu after is the final touch on a great exercise regime. The only thing that is a little disturbing is the fact that no one wears clothes. Hitting the Bastu for the first time was kind of like an initiation, coming from Australia there is not as much emphasis on nakedness in the change room.

People over here love stripping off and sitting down with there naked mates. There is a whole range of people from young to the very very old. Now call me conservative but I find it a little uncomfortable with sitting in a room with 35 naked sweating men, some of which will start performing stretches and in one case yoga in front of you, which leaves nothing to the imagination and stains you with a really shocking picture of the human anatomy.

I still have not jumped into the depths of the naked bastu, I usually just wear a towel around myself and keep my gaze focused at the floor, usually I am the odd one out in the crowd and people probably think that I am the weird one, each to their own I guess. 

This exposé does not stop once you are out of the bastu, usually people are showering naked which is not too uncommon, until you see a really old fat guy sitting in the change room, just outside from the entrance to the room sitting on a chair reading the paper, legs spread and genitals exposed? That is just stepping over the line, especially when he has probably scared most of the women walking into the next change room.


SwedishJenn said...

You and I are definitely kindred immigrant spirits. As a teen, I worked as a lifeguard at a local pool for a few years. To see someone walking around in the buff in the changing room, usually meant said person had a mental illness. Here? I have never seen so much skin at the local watering hole. While I perform towel acrobatics in a pathetic attempt to hide "my parts", Swedish women are lathering up theirs without a care in the world. Young, old, fat, skinny, hairy, hairless...I've seen it all.

Tim Findlay said...

How bad is it! Hahah there is no shame does not matter how out of shape they are everything is off!

It is a very relaxing way to finish a swim, but it's just not worth the pain to go through. It is funny because they all look at you as though you are the strange one for keeping some cloths on! My girlfriend did say that the female change rooms are just as bad!